SimLinks Program

BSUH is a large organisation with a large divisional and directorate structure. The SimLinks programme is an initiative where a local S+HF champion is nominated in each Directorate/Department/Clinical area.

The SimLink person will be our local contact in individual teams/areas across BSUH. They will:
a. assess local needs for S+HF training
b. collate details of local SUIs and critical events to inform training
c. carry out local scoping of candidates, facilitators, facilities & equipment
d. set schedules for and drive local S+HF activities
e. be responsible for local governance, including, data on attendance, pre- and post-course feedback, and quality assurance
f. act as Co-Leads for bids submitted from their area.
g. ensure local activity is in sync with relevant curricula and CPD needs.

SimLinks will act a conduit to the Faculty of S+HF, informing policy and initiatives, and a link to their areas communicating opportunities and initiatives of relevance to their areas. SimLink individuals will be invited to the meetings of the Faculty of S+HF. They will also be part of an email list who can be informed of any new initiatives or bids from within and outside BSUH.

A list of SimLinks and their respective areas will be available on the website to allow local staff to access help and advice as needed.