Special Interest Groups

While the SimLink Program focuses on local contacts in individual teams/areas,  some topics and interests may extend across specialities and across clinical areas, and will benefit from a unified forum and leadership. These are catered for by Specialist Interest Groups. SIGs are led by an expert in the speciality or by an expert in S+HF who can collaborate needs, priorities and activities across the teams within the SIG. Examples of SIGs are Laparoscopic Surgery, GI Endoscopy, Human Factors and Resilience / Major Incident.

SIG Leads will have roles and responsibilities similar to the SimLinks. These include:

  • Realistic wants from you in regard to simulation scenarios relevant to your specific environments.
  • Estimated time scales in which you would like a simulation project to be formulated, implemented and reviewed.
  • Resources currently available to you in regard to SimLink personnel, and equipment/props etc.
  • Numbers of potential candidates, with consideration to the ability to release them for training.
  • Preferred methods of communication which you would like us to use.