HEKSS Childrens Simulation Centre RACH

The HEKSS Childrens Simulation Centre is located on Level 4 of the Royal Alex Childrens Hospital in Brighton. The Centre is well stocked with audio visual equipment for recording simulation scenarios in high definition. There are two high fidelity simulators available for use. These are the Laerdal SimJunior and Laerdal SimBaby. There is also a mobile SMOTS AV system which can support in-situ simulation in other parts of the trust for training days.

If you would like to make contact with the children’s simulation centre staff please email or contact Amit Mishra

David Read Simulation Suite PRH

The David Read Simulation Suite is located on level 2 of the Princess Royal Hospital in Haywards Heath. This suite is equipped with built in audio visual recording facilities. There is a Laerdal SimMom high fidelity simulator set up in the suite which can be operated by the Simulation Technician or other suitably trained staff. Another excellent facility is the video link to enable observers to watch candidates as they work through scenarios from the comfort of a lecture theatre or seminar room.

To make contact with the staff at the David Read Simulation Suite please email

In both suites there are Laparoscopic Trainers that are available to hire as well as medical and surgical equipment used solely for training. The Faculty has access to 2 pairs of Google Glass. Although we do not lend these out, we are always keen to work with you on projects that would lend themselves to the functionality they provide.