Simulation Facilitator Training Course – SimFacT

The aim of the SimFacT (Simulation Facilitator Training) course is to support faculty in developing the knowledge and skills to promote effective teaching and learning within simulation-based medical education.

HEKSS support for this course ended in September 2017. We are now offering this course as a paid course. Course fee is GBP 450, which can be deposited by cheque, debit card or BACS transfer.  Outreach courses can be arranged on additional dates for cohorts of 10 candidates.

Course Dates:


Jan 10-11: PAID COURSE
April 04-05: PAID COURSE
June 13-14: PAID COURSE
Sept 19-20: PAID COURSE
Nov 14-15: PAID COURSE


November 29-30: PAID COURSE


Jan 12-13: COURSE FULL
Jan 26-27: COURSE FULL Outreach – Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust
Feb 23-24: COURSE FULL
June 15-16: COURSE FULL
July 20-21: COURSE Outreach – Surrey & Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust – For Obs, Gynae and Midwifery specialisms
Sept 21-22: COURSE FULL


Course Lead

Dr Amit Mishra:

The Course

SimFacT is a 2-day course based in a simulation suite.

Day 1 includes introduction to simulation as an educational tool and introduction to debriefing.  Day 2 includes orientation to the simulation centre facility, hi-fidelity simulation and debriefing.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding the theories which underpin adult learning and SBME
  • Appreciate the value of reflection in promoting learning
  • Development of multi-professional scenarios
  • Understanding how Learner-Centric debriefing can promote reflection and learning

Target groups

The course is open to all professional groups.


The cost of SimFacT Courses from December 2017 will be £450, payable by cheque, BACS or card payment.

If you need to cancel or reschedule your course, please note that a minimum of 4 weeks’ notice is required.  If you cancel without sufficient notice or do not attend the course, the deposit will be forfeited.


The course will be held at the KSS Children’s Simulation Centre


Course Programme – SimFacT


The course is open to all healthcare staff at the national level.

If you wish to register for this course please use the form below:
Registration Form 2017

Feedback from candidates on previous courses:
Please give a specific example of something you have learnt during this course that you will take back to your simulation practice
I loved all the work around ways of provoking debate and discussion in the debrief sessions.
This is something that has never been taught to me before and I thought it was a really useful tool.
The debriefing styles we were taught were thought provoking and helped to open up really open converations, touch on subjects that are usually ignored.
I enjoyed the experience and will definitely alter my approach to debriefing in future.
Facilitate divergent discussions in the debrief whilst ensuring learning objectives are met.
How to write an appropriate case scenario for simulation. How to identify a golden nugget to stimulate more ‘why’ discussion.
The overall facilitation package. This will change my entire approach to teaching/facilitation.
How to stimulate discussion in a small group.
What were the best aspects of the course for you?
Enjoyed the teaching style – making you think!!
Multi-disciplinary learning and energy of facilitators.
Practising the debriefs and compiling scenarios – as well as experiencing the potential difficulties of running a scenario.
Complete new perspective on the value of simulation and team debriefings.
Group experience. Meeting and working with others. Feeling more confident running a simulation and useful debrief. Educational theory embedded in the course in a useful and not didactic / boring way.
Scenario design, producing our own scenarios and having feedback to fine tune them was very helpful.
Running a simulation session myself.
Being able to write a scenario and pick it apart, then run it practically.
Debriefing, debriefing the debrief and working through how to rephrase questions and facilitate the discussion.
As a nurse in a room of doctors, I liked the teaching style, very relaxed, not intimidating.