Dementia Simulation – HEKSS stream

HEKSS support for this course has ended. We will be offering this course as a paid course hereafter. Course fee is GBP 150, which can be deposited by cheque or BACS transfer. New course dates will be released shortly.



Course Leads:

Dr Muna Al-Jawad

Dr Amit Mishra

The Course

The full immersion experience gained through the Dementia Hi-Fidelity Simulation course will directly improve the working knowledge and skills of frontline staff when managing patients with dementia.

The training will take place at the KSS Children’s Simulation Centre, Brighton and Sussex University Hospital and will run with a mixture of professions present maximising the opportunities for inter-professional learning.

On each course 5 immersive simulation scenarios will be run.  This involves participants interacting with actors who play the role of a person living with dementia, in a variety of clinical settings.  These scenarios have been developed to reflect the challenges healthcare staff might face when caring for people living with dementia.   Each scenario cycle will be facilitated by simulation leads, who are experienced practitioners also trained in the use of feedback and de-briefing.  We aim to help participants reflect on their practice and learn from each other rather than judge their performance.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding how to assess the needs of a patient with dementia in a variety of settings
  • Increasing confidence in the management of patients with dementia
  • Understanding how to assess and manage dementia-related behaviour
  • Improving team-working between the dementia team and the physical health teams.

Target groups

  • Emergency department nurses
  • Nurses and Health Care Assistants
  • Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists and Radiographers
  • Paramedics
  • Foundation trainees
  • Medical students
  • Nursing students
  • Core trainees in geriatrics
  • Professionals in perioperative care


The cost of the course is covered by HEKSS.


If you need to cancel or reschedule your course, please note that a minimum of 4 weeks’ notice is required.


The course will be held at the KSS Children’s Simulation Centre


Full Immersion Dementia Programme


The course is open to all healthcare staff across Kent, Surrey and Sussex.

If you wish to register for this course please use the form below:

Registration Form Full Immersion Dementia Simulation

Feedback from candidates on previous courses:

“I would definitely recommend this course.  Lots of new skills learnt in communicating with dementia patients.”

“Today was very enjoyable and thought provoking.  It has been useful to meet other HCPs from different Trusts and specialities.  The recap on different types of dementia and capacity have been very beneficial.  I will recommend this training to other work colleagues.”

“I will be more aware of how I deal with my patients, making sure I take time to listen and find out about them as a person.  I will also share what I have gained with my colleagues.”

“I have learnt some helpful pointers to help me manage challenging situations.”

“Very well organised.  Excellent idea to have multi-disciplinary participants.  Practical simulation/role playing sessions were very informative and involved participation of all the audience.  Thank you for organising such an amazing course.”

“A good day to explore communication skills to apply in situations when interacting with patients with dementia.  The actors were both very good, the scenarios were very useful to participate in and to observe.”