Dementia Simulation – BSMS stream


The Course

This one day course uses techniques from full immersion simulation to enhance the care we provide to people living with dementia and forms part of BSMS Year 3 training.  The course aims to directly improve the working knowledge and skills of medical students when managing patients with dementia.

The training will take place at the KSS Children’s Simulation Centre, Brighton and Sussex University Hospital.

On each course immersive simulation scenarios will be run.  Students will interact with actors who play the role of a person living with dementia, in a variety of clinical settings.  These scenarios have been developed to reflect the challenges healthcare staff might face when caring for people living with dementia.   Each scenario cycle will be facilitated by simulation leads, who are experienced practitioners also trained in the use of feedback and de-briefing.  We aim to help students reflect on their practice and learn from each other rather than judge their performance.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding how to assess the needs of a patient with dementia in a variety of settings
  • Increasing confidence in the management of patients with dementia
  • Understanding how to assess and manage dementia-related behaviour
  • Improving awareness of team-working between the dementia team and the physical health teams
  • Increasing understanding the legal framework and assessing capacity

Target group

  • BSMS Year 3 Medical Students Only
Rotation 1 (2018):
1 November
8 November
15 November
6 December
Rotation 2 (2019):
31 January
7 February
21 February
7 March
Rotation 3 (2019):
2 May
9 May
16 May
30 May



The course will be held at the KSS Children’s Simulation Centre


Full Immersion Dementia Programme


The course is open to all BSMS Year 3 medical students

Course registrations will be managed by Amy Darby