BLiSS – Basic Laproscopic Skills for Students

BLiSS is a 2 hour basic laproscopic skills session for medical students of all years. This will take the form of small group hands on demonstrations and practice on laproscopic simulators. A variety of models and tasks will be used inside the simulators to allow the students to become familiar with the depth perception and handling during laproscopic surgery. The tasks will include stacking sugar cubes, transferring chickpeas, threading shoelaces, and a simple appendectomy and cyst model. There will be no animal tissue used. The course will be advertised and run by the undergraduate surgical society. The teaching and supervision are kindly being provided by Mrs Aviort and Mr Michalikis and registras. The event will take place in the KSS-CSC simulation suit and seminar room in the Alex.
To give medical students with an interest in surgery exposure and practice of laparoscopic basic laproscopic skills
Learning objectives
Familiarize medical students with principles of laproscopic surgery. Allow medical students the opportunity to practice simple laproscopic tasks.
Target group
Medical students with an interest in surgery/obs gynae.
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Course Dates
21 April 2015